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     Behind every small business is not only a product and an idea, but also someone with the vision and commitment to make that design a reality.  Established in 2013, Rusted Crow Distillery made its debut as the first step in realizing a dream for our owner and founder, Joe Schebel.  Joe grew up in Dearborn Michigan, eventually attending and graduating from the presigious art school Center for Creative Studies in downtown Detroit.  Joe went on to a career at multiple exhibit firms, creating visually stunning works for companies like Ford, GM, and Apple just to name a few. 

     After the great recession Joe decided it was time to strike out on his own and apply his artistic vision to a new endeavor.  This endeavor would require multiple facets of creativity, ranging from the interior design of the distillery and tasting room to the unique labels of our custom bottles, the flavors and ingredients of our spirits, and even the build and design of our custom rat rod. 

     Joe began the business as a partnership with his father, whose name he proudly shares and carries on.  For years the Schebel family had a nickname for Joe's dad, which was given by his sister:  Scarecrow.   As the years went on it shortened down to just "Crow", and in honor of his father this came to be the name for Rusted Crow Spirits.  On top of the connection and partnership with his father, Joe also created several of our signature products in honor of his beautiful wife Tiffany Schebel.  Both Ginger Devil Sinnamon whiskey and the mermaid of the Davy Jones Rum bottle are modeled on her image, and her work and support of the Rusted Crow are limitless.  She not only inspires, but also carries a large share of the workload with the accounting and management aspects of the business.   

     From start to end, Rusted Crow will always be about family, from it's core of the Schebel clan to each and every employee in our small business.  We extend an open invitation to you to not only join us, but to take a piece of that home with you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.  

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