The battle of French Town during the war of 1812, also known as the River Raisin Massacre, was the bloodiest battle ever fought on Michigan soil.  It also resulted in  the nickname for the state that has kept alive for generations- The Murder Mitten. 

     Our Murder Mitten Moonshine is a 100 proof un-aged corn whiskey.  It's crystal clear with no tint, and the aroma is of yeast and fresh made bread with notes of roasted corn, straw and hard candy.  The structure is lightly viscous with medium alcohol heat, and the taste is full of deep flavors such as orange, burnt cocoa, cinnamon bark, and hints of mint and clove. The finish lingers slightly.  

     Bronze medal winner at the heartland whiskey competition 2017. 750 ml $29.99  MLCC 12216

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