The only thing hotter than a Ginger Devil is a man's love for his wife. This is why Joe Schebel wanted his lovely wife Tiffany to grace another bottle in his product line to let her know he'll always have the hots for her... and he'll be damned if he doesn't.  

     Ginger Devil is a 70 proof ginger and cinnamon liqueur, and is crystal clear with a rose autumn color.  The nose is of warm banana bread, cinnamon, and brown sugar, with a structure that is viscous but not heavy, with a light alcohol burn.  The flavor is full and has a good balance between ginger and cinnamon, and is not overly sweetened.  The sugar is present but not overwhelming.  It's quite light for a liqueur, with a mild cinnamon heat that remains on the palate for a long finish.

     750 ml $27.99 MLCC 18189

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