Sometimes the best gin in the world is right underneath your nose...  Just like our Ginstache Gin.  Inspired by the prohibition era and it's many speakeasies, our product is intended to be something special you want to keep "stached away" for special occasions.  

     Ginstache Gin is an 88 proof gin made from grain spirit, and is crystal clear with the slightest hint of aquamarine.  It seems to follow the London Gin style, with a bold nose of juniper and bright lime juice, with a slight hint of mint.  The structure is slightly viscous with a medium alcohol burn.  The taste is full of juniper, with a slight hint of black pepper, lime, and tarragon.  The finish lingers slightly.  

     Double Gold winner at the San Francisco world spirits competition in 2016 (the most renowned world spirits competition), as well as a national editors choice runner up for best packaging from Brand Packaging.

750 ml $29.99 MLCC 12215

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