In the middle of a cold Michigan winter many of us might wish for a warm and sunny day on the ocean riding the high seas.  Davy Jones Rum is made with that feeling in mind, adorned with a mermaid in the image of Tiffany Schebel, and filled with the flavors of Key West, the Schebel's favorite family vacation spot. 

     Davy Jones is an 80 proof clear rum distilled from sugar cane, and is presented crystal clear with a slight straw hue.  The initial aroma is of fresh cut sugarcane and banana leaves.  As it warms it goes to dark sugar, grapefruit pell and banana fruit, with a structure that is very light and with medium alcohol heat.  It tastes very clean, with flavors of coconut, dark cocoa, fresh grass, vanilla, and a long finish of orange pith. 

     Voted best Michigan rum 2019 and 2020 by Detroit Metro Times.  750 ml $23.99 MLCC 12213

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